Jan Renkema is Emeritus Professor of Discourse Quality at Tilburg University.

He is the author of the Schrijfwijzer, a Dutch style manual. Of this book, over half a million copies have been sold to date. Jan Renkema also published interviews, amongst others with politicians, in Wat bezielt het Binnenhof?, and he wrote a pamphlet on spelling, advocating a certain measure of tolerance in what is considered acceptable.

For colleagues and students, he elaborated on his lectures, which he subsequently published as Tekst en Uitleg, an introduction to the field of text linguistics, and which was translated into English (Introduction to Discourse Studies), as well as Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese (2014).

Jan Renkema still teaches occasionally, for example at the Wetgevingsacademie (Academy for Legislation) in The Hague, and he continues to give lectures on text and effect. He remains active as a communications advisor.